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Wed 22 Jun 2011, 7:11 am by LUPIN

STAND Bulletin

Surprise Greetings members of STAND~

The STAND Bulletin is back! This time better than ever. If you're wondering where the previous one went, it was removed due to an attack made by no less than our favorite SOSHI FREAKS

It seems that word got out to our favorite fans that we recently re-opened memberships. They were quick to organize their pink mole of an army and invaded our forum. However all their efforts have been in vain thanks to the amazing mods and you, our awesome civil antis. Ever vigilant and alert, no spam post was left reported and unchecked by mods. Our favorite SONES were instantly banned.

But to prevent any more mess, we the staff have decided to close new registrations indefinitely. Our trusty ban hammer has asked for a vacation for being overworked.

To any SONES still lurking and planning to launch attacks, here's a word of advice:
STAND staff wrote:
-We're very flattered that you came all the way here. We guess you got tired and insecure in your own fandom to spend some time on us. We really had fun proving that until now, nothing has changed with the behavior of your fanclub and that your beloved group is still pretty much worthy of having us antis.

We also wonder where you got those gruesome and malicious images that you spammed here. By any chance were they stored next to your Soshi spazz folder? Oh you,,

And please, those browser attacks just show how you SONES can't fight fairly. We gave you a chance but you just proved how immature you are. Don't get all butthurt just because you can't win over an argument. This is our turf and no one's gonna agree with you. Don't come here with an agenda to change our minds. Each one has their own reasons of being a civil anti.

Lastly, we'd love it if you share this warning over twitter. You SONES make it so easy for us to track you down. Even using your own sissified usernames here~

In other news, mod positions are still open. Deadline of applications is at the end of the month. Please PM me for applications.

-STAND Staff


P.S. This post is brought to you by: Beautiful Legs Legend. We ♥ you Japan.

2010 GDA: Blatant Payoff by SME?

Sat 25 Dec 2010, 1:09 pm by queenbee

When the Golden Disk Award 2010 aired last 9th December, much debate came about as to the winners of the Disk Daesang Award and YEPP Popularity Award...

2010 Disk Daesang Award Winner: SNSD
2010 YEPP Popularity Award Winner: SNSD

And while Sones may say their girls deserved the win, another set of fans were left questioning the validity of said awards.

Since the introduction of SNSD, end of year award shows have started to be marred with politics and intrigues, such as 2008's GDA.

This year seems to have taken a turn for the worse as major awards were given to SNSD, while another group was left in the gutter and their fans in disbelief.

Let us start with the YEPP Popularity Award. It is clearly based on popularity votes which, according to the GDA website on the day of the actual award show, Shinee and Super Junior were comfortably leading the polls, and SNSD on a far third place.

However on the award night itself, the YEPP Popularity Award was given to Shinee and SNSD, with GDA's "excuse" of Suju already winning the Asia Popularity Award.
Therefore, the YEPP will go instead to the 3rd placer, never minding the 16% difference in scores.

A lamer "excuse" given by GDA was this year's supposed male/female category for the YEPP which, in all aspect, was NEVER mentioned in GDA' website.

Last year's YEPP Popularity Award winners were Shinee and Suju, ranking #1 and #2, respectively.

As for the Daesang Award, people from the music industry, as well as media, were seeing Suju as the top contender for the much anticipated Daesang Award, and if so, will be 2 years in a row. Their basis were Hanteo charts' end of year ranking (from 100101 up to 101208) and the popularity votes which Suju was leading over SNSD.

So imagine ELF's shock upon the announcement of this year's Daesang Award winner. You can clearly hear the crowd's stunned silence after the MC announced the winner as "So Nyu Shi Dae".:

A lot of speculations have been given regarding the supposed ranking of GDA. They say the album sales were based, not just on the actual album alone, but also the repackaged versions. Which begs the question, what about the VersionB versions? While Suju has "Bonamana" and its repackaged version, SNSD had "Oh!" and a repackaged version, as well. SNSD's album sales for "Hoot" was not to be included as it was released AFTER the list of nominees were already selected.

Daesang 2010 Nominees

Kim Jong Kook
Album: Vol. 6 Eleventh Story
Title Track: “This Person”

Album: Vol. 7 Taste for the Arts
Title Track: “I’m This Kind of Person”

Lucid Fall
Album: Vol. 4 Les Miserables
Title Track: “Mackerel”

Bobby Kim
Album: Vol. 3 Heart & Soul
Title Track: “Like A Man”


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Shoujo Jidai Overwhelms Audience at Girls' Award

Mon 20 Sep 2010, 4:53 am by disturbed

Asia’s representative girl-group SNSD performed at the National Yoyogi Stadium on the 18th for a fashion event called “Girls Award JAPAN 2010 AUTUMN/WINTER” (Girls Award).

SNSD did their arrival to Japan commemoration live at Ariake Coliseum on August 25th. This is their first live in front of Japanese fans since the release of their Japanese debut single “GENIE”.

The 9 girls’ fashion on stage was of a military rock taste. They had black military-like jackets that were open. Inside was a Lamé tank. [Note: lame is a cloth made from gold or silver thread, in this case gold.] For bottoms they had black short pants and for shoes they had enamel knee high boots.

Their first song was “Run Devil Run” and while the girls were dancing and singing, the audience which was filled with girls shrieked out cheers of joy.

Following that was “Gee” with a catchy phrase and cute choreography which overwhelmed the venue at once.

During the music break they MC’d and broke out into smiles. They greeted the venue with lovely Japanese, “Good evening, everyone!”

Last, they performed their Japanese debut single that was released September 8th and became a big hit, “GENIE”. The 9 members fascinated the audience with their sexy choreography, doing steps with their great legs.

One member said after the performance had finished, “We’re happy to be able to participate in the fun Girls Award, which focuses on fashion and music. We also love fashion.”, They then sent a message to their Japanese fans, “We will be releasing our 2nd single on October 20th (oh, here's the date XD;;). Please give it a lot of love and listen to it, okay?”

SOURCE: Arama @ LJ

**Pay attention on the bolded ones. And notice there was no comment on their singing. I couldn't care less on their shitty choreography because anyone can do leg spasms and being an artist doesn't only been being good at dancing. Lip syncing is, for me, the lowest form of scum an artist can do and I don't even regard SNSD as idols or artists. Pfft.

I had a rainbow of emotions when I saw this at Arama and it also irked me that the mods of said comm have been flooding us with this kind of news and the K-trolls have insulted legendary bands like X JAPAN. X JAPAN, mind you, would be the Japanese equivalent of Seo Taiji.

SNSD to debut in Japan this September

Fri 11 Jun 2010, 11:02 am by Jung Lee

So now when we have just been set free from SNSD's music in Korea (though SM is still shoving them down to our throats through variety shows & CFs), we are gonna have to suffer their tortuous voices & unprofessional performances in JAPAN.

Now that SNSD are already "the top idol girl group", it would be strange if people see them still staying in Korea & making comeback every time more popular groups are not around. Besides, SM have to send them away to put whole effort in f(x) & other new groups. SNSD have no choice but entering a foreign market. It's obvious that SNSD has no chance to debut in China because China "love" SNSD so much. The rest options would be either USA or Japan. It can't be USA, be cause Wonder Girls are over there. So the only choice would be Japan, where people are more open toward Kpop idol groups after DBSK made a big hit in 2007-2010. Besides, (again, majorly thanks to DBSK who built the bridge between Japan & Kpop) SNSD's 2nd album "Oh!" was reported to be placed at #54 on Oricon Weekly chart in February without any promotion in Japan (despite the fact that the album's price was so damn cheap compared to a normal Japanese album and that week was a so-slow-sale week when #1 only sold more than 8k and #30 only sold more than 5k, therefore a good guess for #54 would be 1k copies at best).

SNSD will debut in Japan as "Shoujo Jidai" (少女時代). Most people would assume SNSD will be under Avex - long time partner of SM, however:

Having signed a contract this past May, SNSD will be working under Universal Music Japan’s record label Nayutawave Records for their Japan promotions and they are planning to release their debut single this September.

So the rumor is true. Several months ago, CEO of Avex tweeted that he heard that there is a rumor that SNSD would debut under Universal Music. Now, this contract with Universal makes SNSD be the first (& maybe the only?) artists of SM who are not under Avex. SM's artists under Avex now are BoA, DBSK, SuJu, CSJH The Grace & SHINee.

I can understand why SM choose Universal & not Avex. I don't think the main reason is the dispute of DBSK, but it's all about the way Avex & Universal use marketing methods:

- Avex don't tend to spend money on good promotion for artists who have just debut in Japan (especially foreign artists). The artists have to gain a certain stage of success (like at least top 5 or top 10 in Oricon Weekly chart) in order for Avex to invest more money in them. Avex is very cautious, if they are not sure the artists gonna be big, they'll not throw good amount of money in. Example?
  • DBSK: In their earlier days after debuted, DBSK had to sing on the stairs of a super market, go hand out advertising papers by themselves, appear in low-rating variety shows & couldn't attend some popular music program like Music Station; besides, …

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Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

Tue 01 Jun 2010, 10:05 pm by queenbee

With the ruckus that happened in the last Dream Concert, we eventually found out that the ten minute silence did happen again during SNSD’s performance.

While it was not as extensive as 2008’s, it was still as damaging to the fanclubs involved.

How so?

As with the aftermath in Dream Concert 2008, fanclubs involved (e.g. CaTrEl) suffered attacks online from insane SNSD fans, threatening bodily harm, not just on the fans, but on their idols as well. Remember the fan accounts of Sones threats to harm Kangin and Sungmin?

And so we come to this year’s Dream Concert. After the boycott, the alleged physical abuse, and the so-called bullying, SNSD fans are now again on their online rampage.

After the statement released by K-sones, K-ELF took time in giving their response. With Suju’s comeback, 3rd fan meeting, and Dream Concert, they prioritized Suju’s activities and showed support to their idols as what any normal fan club does. Sones claim ELF are ignoring them regarding this issue, but right after DC, ELF were busy preparing the boys’ 3rd fan meet and after which Kangin’s departure for the military (date was finally announced). Why spend their time on placating Sones when, as a fan club, their main purpose is to show support to their idols, right?

A few days after the Suju fan meet, ELF finally released their answer to the Sone statement:

K-ELF’s Official Statement in regard of what happened during Dream Concert 2010

Firstly, we published this statement to express our view on what happened in Dream Concert and we are also sorry that we posted it late. We hope you all understand that we didn’t post it until now because we wanted to make sure that this statement is not based on momentary emotions. (This statement was written by fansite Supermarket and fancafe Onsemoro).

And we also would like to apologize to Sone for some ELFs’ bad behaviour of taking some Sones’ seats in LMNP sections, saying not-really-nice words and shouting “Go down to 2nd floor”.

Although we have apologized, we still think that we should correct those wrong parts in Sones’ accusation.

Everything arose from “seats in LMNP sections”.

Sones should not have demanded us to apologize, because they themselves belittled SM’s seating arrangement. Sones thought that Dream Concert is a paid-ticket concert although SM already divided up FCs’ seating sections. Even though the concert is a paid-ticket one or not, Sones still have to bear responsibility for a part of what happened. The source of all this is from “no-connection between ELFs & Sones”. Therefore ELFs and Sones both have to take responsibility for all issues that happened in Dream Concert. We want another statement from Sones.

Clearly, SM arranged the seating for FCs based on the differences of each FC. It is a careful consideration of SM, so that every FC can enjoy Dream Concert and have the greatest support for their …

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Dream Concert 2010 (The Event) PART 1

Thu 27 May 2010, 4:07 am by Bento_box

Disaster for fandoms.

We waited and waited to see what would happen this time round with Dream Concert. We had news of SNSD fans trying to steal seats and trying to create havoc with other fandoms and their stars. We waited patiently to see if what we thought would happen would eventually occur, but unfortunately what we got was much worse.

Dream Concert was a much more peaceful event before SNSD and their fandom was introduced. From 2008's HUGE Black Ocean to 2009's meek show to this year's fan war fiasco, the main theme here is SNSD.

Everyone and their Great Aunt knew that SNSD had a "ten minute silencing" in DC08, after which SME kept them under a rock for 8 months until finally re-introducing them with major funding in January 2009. SME however made sure that in that time of year, only a few major artists were performing, making SNSD's competition sparse. Placing a lot of money in Media advertising (a.k.a. paid off articles) to make people (National and International fans) believe that SNSD were loved and adored and will continue to be.

Many people believed such a thing, but were uninterested. So instead of people "knowing" SNSD were popular they simply stated it with the assumption that they are. A benefit, of course, to a great marketing team.

By placing SNSD in an almost competition-less market - making sure that none of their labelmates were also performing at the time - SNSD managed to bank a lot of Number 1's in music charts. Did they change anything concept-wise and image-wise? They simply weren't dressed as toddlers anymore(Kissing You), but they still acted like them (everything post KY).

SNSD continued to promote the helpless, far-too-girly-for-you, I-only-want-a-strong-man-to-protect-me image to this present day, while posing in extremely sexually provocative photoshoots for their album jackets and adverts, making sure that they weren't openly suggestive while sending subliminal messages of come-hither's (though at times it does become extremely obvious).

So what do we get from such an image? Fans like Sones, of course.

Being easily fooled into believing that everything in any media outlet must be the truth, they seemed to buy in to the entire "SNSD is oh so popular, they're the best in Asia" mind frame. And so, they began to alleviate their level of delusion to thinking that no one can compete with the level of SNSD and their popularity.

And so, we return to this year's Dream Concert mess.

Being ready to eat in to the lies and marketing tactics of SME and to be wooed to believe that SNSD is far beyond perfection and the very personification of innocence, their fans began to claim that they CANNOT accept the set seating arrangements. Seating arrangements that from the very beginning of Dream Concert were respected and abided to by fandoms with cooperation and respect. No matter what …

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DC2010 update: What is now happening with the fans?

Sun 02 May 2010, 7:13 am by queenbee

Just how bad is the current fan war regarding the Dream Concert seating?

As with the previous news STAND has posted, Dream Concert 2010 started off with an uproar when SNSD fans decided to make a “project” of acquiring seats which have already been designated to another artist. The previous article you can read HERE

A lot of reactions from internationals have come out regarding the actions of Sones, mostly against SNSD and its fan base. Sones tried to do damage control by giving out statements such as this one:


It would have been nice if all KSONEs could sit together but as you can see it is SM’s fault that we are scattered. If SM can arrange to have SONEs get together in 4 lumped sections that would be a good solution.
Some of you making comments about SONEs “complaining”, “being extreme”, where do you see that here? If you’re SONE you should be ashamed of yourselves misjudging K-SONEs like that.
And some people thinking there could be a silent treatment and SNSD being victim again that is just ROFL. SNSD and SONEs are just way too powerful right now with biggest public support. Any club attempting act like that would get public lynching in Korea. And you have no idea what is going on in Korea right now about this incident… No one’s really against SONEs in Korea since they understand the real situation. But certain other fanclub is getting lot of bashing over this incident… I wrote something to explain it all but decided not to post it… That problem with that fanclub is that they are failing to realize this is a concert for everyone.
It doesn’t matter who sits where. Now that seats are sold out everyone just cheer for all artists together wherever they are, like KSONEs are planning.
Fortunately there are many mature ones from other fanclubs and SONEs slowly working together to resolve this conflict so ultimately I believe everything will be ok before the concert”

This is all taken from the mouth of an international Sone who “claims” to have connections in the k-pop world.

According to the quote above, NO ONE is against Korean Sones but EVERYONE is bashing Korean E.L.F. about this incident. How reliable is this information? How reliable is this international Sone?

We here at STAND gather facts and evidences; present it with real sources; and then after everything has been collected, that is the only time we give our views regarding the matter at hand… and not just base everything on hearsay Razz

This is the official seating chart as released by Dream Concert organizers days prior to ticket sales. As with the past couple of years, Dream Concert seats were divided into sections of fandoms, not because they should only cheer for their own idols, but for each fandom to show a united front in cheering for their respective idols and other artists as well.

But for SNSD fans, this is not the case...


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DREAM CONCERT 2010 - Starting as Chaos

Sat 24 Apr 2010, 6:09 am by leexiao

The DREAM CONCERT is near, and another fanwar is taking place...

SNSD is said to be taking 3 sections for the concert while Super Junior is taking 3 TIMES more than that, and that's where the issue began.

SONES are angry saying that Suju (ELF to be exact) got more seats than them when they are (according to them) the bigger fan club.

This is where it gets ugly. ELF fansites just suggested that SONES should just fill the "free seating area" (yes there is one) but SONES don't want to listen and SNSD fansites united for this:

Rough translation:

LMNP section - if extra space is needed this year, this area is ours

For those who are Sone:
ABC section is ours

Please get tickets from the LMNP section

Go to G-market's Dream Concert webpage
tickets will be sold starting 7PM on April 22

(for every 1 person, recommend this to 2 more)

SNSD fansites actually spread that banner about taking the reserved seats from Suju fans...

According to sources, ELF are starting to flood different fansites with messages such as this:

After this, E.L.F. went very mad, because basically Sone are looking down on them as if there was not many ELF at all, and why take -their- seats when there are many others....

Yesterday, Sone fansite masters decided to remove those notice and ask fellow Sones to give up the tickets they got in the Suju sections and to buy in Soshi sections and in the "Free" section (there are sections for all the other groups that do not have special ones

But it seems that Sones are not following the new directives and are keeping their tickets in ELF Sections. ELF are getting quite mad as you can see on sj-market splashpage where they ask fans to concentrate on reserving seats in the L, M, N, P section to prove Sones wrong.
A lot of ELF that did not plan to go are now buying their tickets.

News sites have also gotten hold of Sones' dirty plan.

“SNSD only gets 3 sections? We’re more popular … Why do we have less number of seats than Super Junior fans?”

A month before the 2010 Dream Concert is to be held on May 22, tensions are already rising.

At the Dream Concert, many popular artists come to the same venue and perform, making it unique. Since it only comes once a year, this is seen as an opportunity for fans to give their favorite singers strength, becoming one. On April 22, tickets went on sale at 7PM and were sold out within one hour, as a result of fans who wanted to go support their favorite singers.

Instead, problems are arising with the division of seats. At first, there isn’t any assigned seating arrangement for fans of one artist. Instead, the organizers contact the entertainment companies, assigning them sections so the the entertainment companies can report this to the respective fan clubs through their official websites.

Fan clubs that receive less …

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The Humiliation of Being SNSD's Tiffany

Tue 13 Apr 2010, 11:42 am by queenbee

SNSD member, Tiffany, was recently featured in an international porn site which featured Asian women in short shorts.

As humiliating as this may be – both to Tiffany and to SNSD – especially considering this is an international site, OBJECTIFICATION and PORNOGRAPHY actually equals SNSD.

But let’s face it, this is relatively normal for SNSD – given their fans in Korea tend to fixate over the group’s… other assets…

Yes, that is a fan holding a sign right beside SNSD’s smiling faces. And the sign says “야동” which is Korean for, lo and behold, PORN! I’m pretty sure these girls can read and understand what the fan boards are saying…those same fan boards their beloved Sones are flashing in front of the camera for all of the world to see.

Talent be damned! As long as these girls get to kick their legs up high and over-expose themselves, who cares if all they ever sing are the letters of the alphabet, right? So what’s with the uproar Sones? Probably because its not really Tiffany’s “best” angle?


And what does SM Entertainment say in all these? According to reports, they will look at the possible legal actions with regards to the photo “theft and copyright infringement” (seeing that the photo happens to be that of Tiffany performing in a musical variety show). Umm.. porn issue anyone? In both Korean articles, SM didn’t mention anything about Ms. Tiffany NOT suitable for that porn site, just how fans are reacting on the issue. Talk about looking out for their talents’ best interest.

And to think this girl belongs to a group that is part of Korea’s “Girls’ Generation”… How humiliating indeed…


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