Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2


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    Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by queenbee on Tue 01 Jun 2010, 10:05 pm

    With the ruckus that happened in the last Dream Concert, we eventually found out that the ten minute silence did happen again during SNSD’s performance.

    <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/t7QQwk_D-BE&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xd0d0d0&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/t7QQwk_D-BE&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xd0d0d0&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptAccess="always" width="640" height="385"></embed></object>

    While it was not as extensive as 2008’s, it was still as damaging to the fanclubs involved.

    How so?

    As with the aftermath in Dream Concert 2008, fanclubs involved (e.g. CaTrEl) suffered attacks online from insane SNSD fans, threatening bodily harm, not just on the fans, but on their idols as well. Remember the fan accounts of Sones threats to harm Kangin and Sungmin?

    And so we come to this year’s Dream Concert. After the boycott, the alleged physical abuse, and the so-called bullying, SNSD fans are now again on their online rampage.

    After the statement released by K-sones, K-ELF took time in giving their response. With Suju’s comeback, 3rd fan meeting, and Dream Concert, they prioritized Suju’s activities and showed support to their idols as what any normal fan club does. Sones claim ELF are ignoring them regarding this issue, but right after DC, ELF were busy preparing the boys’ 3rd fan meet and after which Kangin’s departure for the military (date was finally announced). Why spend their time on placating Sones when, as a fan club, their main purpose is to show support to their idols, right?

    A few days after the Suju fan meet, ELF finally released their answer to the Sone statement:

    K-ELF’s Official Statement in regard of what happened during Dream Concert 2010

    Firstly, we published this statement to express our view on what happened in Dream Concert and we are also sorry that we posted it late. We hope you all understand that we didn’t post it until now because we wanted to make sure that this statement is not based on momentary emotions. (This statement was written by fansite Supermarket and fancafe Onsemoro).

    And we also would like to apologize to Sone for some ELFs’ bad behaviour of taking some Sones’ seats in LMNP sections, saying not-really-nice words and shouting “Go down to 2nd floor”.

    Although we have apologized, we still think that we should correct those wrong parts in Sones’ accusation.

    Everything arose from “seats in LMNP sections”.

    Sones should not have demanded us to apologize, because they themselves belittled SM’s seating arrangement. Sones thought that Dream Concert is a paid-ticket concert although SM already divided up FCs’ seating sections. Even though the concert is a paid-ticket one or not, Sones still have to bear responsibility for a part of what happened. The source of all this is from “no-connection between ELFs & Sones”. Therefore ELFs and Sones both have to take responsibility for all issues that happened in Dream Concert. We want another statement from Sones.

    Clearly, SM arranged the seating for FCs based on the differences of each FC. It is a careful consideration of SM, so that every FC can enjoy Dream Concert and have the greatest support for their respective idols. That’s the reason why the majority of ELFs only bought tickets in ELFs’ reserved sections but not in other FCs’ sections. However, Sones thought that they had few seats, and they officially launch a campaign of buyng seats in ELFs’ sections (without ELFs’ consent). Sones didn’t care about ELFs’ feelings and only thought for themselves, insisted that Dream Concert was not free but a paid-ticket one. If Sones could think that SM decided so to prevent conflicts among FCs and that ELFs only bought tickets in ELFs’ sections to enjoy DC and cheer for Super Junior, then all the mess in LMNP section would not have happened. Obviously, Sones were selfish.

    FanClubs exist not to conflict but to support and cheer for their own idols. In Sones’ official statement, they wrote “We already foresaw what would happen in Dream Concert”. When reading this, we can understand that Sones unconsciously recognized their mistakes, and writing “foresaw” means that they already knew bad things might happen in Dream Concert. If Sones knew that bad things would happen, and if Sones didn’t announce about the seats and say something before Dream Concert, then this conflict would not have happened and we could show FanClub’s culture.

    Those rumors about ELFs planning “The Black Ocean” and “shouting Park JaeBum” were all wrong. We think that all these rumors arose from the fact that ELF is the largest FanClub in Dream Concert this year, and from the clashes between ELFs & Sones. However, we – ELFs – already agreed to support all artists in DC, and ELFs also did support SNSD during their performance (some people from other FC said that let’s do it (Black Ocean) but the majority of ELFs didn’t agree). And when SNSD performed, there were many pink light sticks in LMNP section, and many ELFs were so surprised that they stared at those pink light sticks and didn’t concentrate on SNSD’s performance. But it doesn’t mean that ELFs lead “The Black Ocean” again, it’s really absurd.

    This also proves that ELFs didn’t implicate Shinee World and other FanClubs to create “The Black Ocean”, and we couldn’t do this either with other FCs’ sections (ELFs sat on 3rd floor and Shinee World sat on 2nd floor. ELFs, Shawols & Sones sitting on 2nd floor could not know exactly what happened on 3rd floor). We guess that this is because Sones thought that ELFs were bad after what happened in Dream Concert.

    And we admit that we had some wrong-doings in Dream Concert. Somes ELFs said not-nice words, but Sones should also admit that some Sones did have violent behaviour. No Sone, except dumb ones, can say that “all Sones overlooked ELFs’ wrong-doings”. Some Sones did pick a quarrel with ELFs again. We have proof. Sones asserted that they have proofs of what ELFs did, however, it is really absurd. The absurdness is shown in the sentence “all Sones’ proofs are 100% real and ELFs’ proofs are all fake”. Obviously Sones would think that “all Sones’ proofs are real but ELFs’ are not”. However, in contrast, Sones’ proofs can also be fake.

    When Super Junior performed, almost all Sones on 3rd floor left. Some Sones affirmed that Sones still cheered and they showed some proofs. But all that proofs are only pictures of Sones on 2nd floor, who did not know the atmosphere on 3rd floor. And we state that Sones in LMNP sections on 3rd floor left. When leaving the stadium, they stepped on blue balloons and cardboards that used for “SJ=SJ” project.

    Along with these, we – ELFs – want an official apology from Sones to ELFs and especially to Super Junior members, for creating and spreading these rumors, insulting and reviling us. We saw many Sones insulting Super Junior members about some past incident. ELFs want Sones to have an official apology about this. Sones reviled Super Junior members much more than what ELFs said about SNSD. And we even saw Sone humiliating ELF.

    And before concert started, some FCs shouted artists’ names to support their own idols. Therefore, ELFs shouted SUPER JUNIOR, Shinee World shouted SHINEE, TripleS shouted SS501… ELFs didn’t shout SNSD but we didn’t shout 2PM or UKISS, and we are not responsible for not shouting SNSD.

    Lastly, we were very unsatisfied with Sones’ official statement, because it didn’t mention Sones’ mistakes but only blamed everything on ELFs. In ELFs’ point of view, some of Sones’ statements were not fair, but we thought that we should first apology for what we did wrong, therefore we posted out official statement about Dream Concert. And we will also wait for another statement from Sones in regard of what they did wrong.

    We hope that Sones will not cause trouble again with Super Junior’s FC – ELF as well as with any other FC at big events like Dream Concert.

    In Dream Concert, FCs (especially big FCs) often use light sticks or cardboards to complete a mission, to form a message to their idols, for example "TVXQ Fly" or "SJ = 1" etc... This year is no different. ELF decided to form "SJ=SJ" which is a quote from HeeChul's Cyworld entry. Before DC10 opened the gates, ELF staffs were already inside the stadium to hang the banners & prepare for their mission:

    As you can see, ELF planned to form the message right in the centre of their section. However, when the concert actually started, the "SJ=SJ" had been shifted to the right (from stage view):

    It seems that ELF changed their plan at the last minute. Maybe it's because ELF realized that there were too many Sones in LMNP sections, so it would be difficult to accomplish the mission. A K-ELF said that Sones in LMNP sections refused to co-operate with ELF, that's why they had to move "SJ=SJ".

    While both sides claim to be victims of physical abuse, it is clear who among the two are more respectful and more mature in terms of fandom. In Sone’s statement, we saw how condescending and how arrogant they were, claiming they were victimized and have done no wrong. ELF statement explained what happened but at the same time, apologized for any wrong doings. They took ownership of the fiasco EXCEPT for Sones’ ridiculous claims.

    “…In ELF's point of view, some of what Sones said in the statement were not fair at all, but K-ELF still think that ELF should apologize for some ELF's wrong-doings first, so the first thing said in the statement was apologizing to Sones...”

    And what do Sones do as answer?

    On Super Junior’s public daum page, Sones started on a posting rampage, belittling ELF and Suju.

    The place became overrun with Sones and the constant attack has made ELF simply go to their private sites instead of replying to Sones’ attacks.

    Right now, SJ's daum page is still on hiatus from ELF, with message boards teeming with simple messages to Super Junior member Kangin and not much else:

    Sones claim that ELF has gone into hiding because ELF are unable to provide proof while their side has “undeniable proof” against ELF. Their constant complaints have caused chaos on public fansites both in Korea and internationally. In the meantime, other fan clubs refuse to step down to Sone’s level by showing restraint.

    Sones are busy running around with “proofs” and “news”, both of which are taken from fan accounts. The mere he-said-she-said by Sones are already being claimed as irrefutable truth as they deem that their fan club did no wrong and that they were the victims in this fiasco with everyone else in DC being the villain (led by ELF). In the meantime, ELF's "proofs" are being negated and branded as lies, with Sones claiming that they are just merely fan accounts.

    This is the 3rd statement released by Sones after ELF produced pictures as proof of Sone assault. Sones claim though that the injury is of unknown origin and has questionable time stamp. They also claim to have found the the Sone who "supposedly" attacked the injured ELF in the photo. He claims, however, that it was ELF who bullied him and drove him from his seat and that he never attacked anyone. Sones, of course, stand by his statement.

    SONE's 3rd statement also asked the ELF "victim" to come out in person to clarify the issue and if needed, will have police involved in the matter.

    So proof of hospital entrance and injuries is not enough, with them saying that the person must come out to the OPEN (which will more like than not, be also OPEN to abuse from Sones). It's clear that they have been attacking the Public Suju forums, so imagine what they would do when someone comes out and says "Sones hit me, here's my face, name and address".

    They claim the picture evidence of abuse is not good enough because the timing is debatable? But they agree only to the words of another Sone? Where is the irrefutable proof they're talking about? A Sone fan account is considered irrefutable truth but an ELF fan account is considered bogus?

    If Sones were the only ones being abused and were bullied by ELF, then why is it that ELF's plan had to be changed because of Sones sitting in their section?

    SONES keep on claiming they were wronged with pictures of themselves on balconies, videos of people discussing Sone abuse and telling other ELF not to cheer, but where is THEIR proof of being the victims of violence? Why are they the only ones being wronged? Are they honestly claiming that ELF reacted without being provoked? Where is their proof that no ELF was hurt? If Sones were so victimized, why is there proof that there where Sones in ELF's section, when apparently ELF were standing at the entrances not letting them in? If they were allowed in, then logic tells you they must have done something that deserved to get them to be told to leave?

    Sones disrespected and attacked ELF following up to Dream Concert, they continued to do so during Dream Concert and even after, a week on they are still attacking and taking a hold of all public forums for Super Junior. IF they weren't so desperate to hide something why are they placing a full out attack on anything ELF/Super Junior? If they are such victims then why are they still attacking? Isn't this the type of behavior that is indicative of what they could have done at DC and had gotten the reaction from ELF?

    SONEs started everything by doing wrong, we do not condone what some ELF had done, nevertheless they are now being attacked from every angle by Sone, any credibility is lost when they claimed to be bullied while subsequently bullying and attacking a fanclub and taking over their public forums. ELF have not gone into hiding, they simply do not want to sink at the low level of Sones who continuously abuse and badmouth ELF while THEY were first to claim that there was no Black Ocean.

    The first and last person to apologize should be Sone, for firstly taking the seats that were not theirs and refusing to accept that it was wrong. When the reaction that was spurred on by their actions took place, they STILL claimed they did no wrong and did all that there is in their power to attack possibly the only fanclub that showed "support" for their 9 girls. However sarcastic.

    All we have is empty words coming from Sone, while they claim to have an unending archive of evidence.

    They seem to be taking hold of these public forums to not allow anyone to be able to refute their "claims".

    All their "proof" seems to also be of them taking videos where they're in the wrong places. Videos of them in Shawol's section, in ELF's, etc.

    A Sone even posted a fan account stating how him and majority of Sones left immediately after SNSD's performance. He even pointed out that though Hyori and Suju were still to perform, SNSD section has already emptied out. While said fan stated a headache as an excuse, what are the rest of the Sones' excuse for their rude behavior? After ELF cheered for SNSD, what do Sones do for Suju? They leave.

    One thing everyone needs to consider is this - how on earth could a black ocean happen on the day because of word of mouth, even if they use technology? So imagine 40,000+ people getting individual notes and messages while their idols are performing on stage with blaring music and blinking stage lights.

    No matter how hard Sones try to pin the blame on ELF, one needs to use logic and make common sense do the talking.

    Whether or not an ELF was attacked, SNSD was going to get the BLACKout/Silent treatment anyway. The answer lies, once again, in the lead up to DC2010.

    What Sones did by breaking the unspoken code of fandom, was not a first strike. They have done it before and still continue to be the overbearing, deluded fanclub they were 2 years ago, constantly attacking fandoms online.
    Yet now, due to SME's massive promotions,they have inflated egos, much like their girls.


    Stealing LMNP sections and refusing to believe that they have done any wrong until now.

    Leading up to DC, it's not hard to see their actions and their blatant disrespect towards ELF, a bigger fanclub than a lot of those attending, and a senior fanclub at that. Seeing ELF being harassed and disrespected drove other FCs to sympathize with them, and knowing that, Sone continues to act all high and mighty even after DC08, just like their Idols. Other fandoms suggested to have a ten minute silencing again. After all, if Sones can so readily stab another fandom in their "SMTown family" in the back without thinking, goodness knows what they could do in the future to other fandoms not under the SM banner.

    And evidently, even though ELF refused, individuals in other fandoms probably felt the same way and wanted to present SNSD and their fans with some humble pie.

    Thinking that one text and word of mouth created an entire stadium to be left in darkness in protest, is ludicrous. Not saying that those means were not undertaken. To say that ELF planned it and made everyone else do it is even more so. If anything, it seems that ELF were planning to keep their lights on anyway, as what was mentioned in the official statement prior to DC.

    So who really is to blame in all that has happened during Dream Concert 2010?

    All fanclubs who attended have been affected one way or another in the fanwar that involved this year's CHARITY concert. Pointing fingers and accusing one another never really solves anything, if anything, a good explanation and apology would suffice. However, out of all the fanclubs, only Sones have managed to remain arrogant in their claims of being "victimized" and "bullied". No apology was ever given of the LMNP seat-stealing fiasco even after they themselves have reaffirmed that they bought those seats on their own accord. If anything, they blamed SM Entertainment for the mess. Nor did they justify the campaign they made of buying seats in LMNP section a couple of hours prior to G-market opening ticket sales.

    Time and again, Sones have proven their rudeness, and this time, even their arrogance. Though to be honest, this shouldn't really come as a surprise given that their own idols never showed any indication of remorse nor regret with their own bad actions. Fandoms reflect their idols and vice versa. Now if only SNSD would step up and correct the actions of their fans, much would be resolved. However we all know the image SNSD projects - that of "innocent" little girls... and Sones' projected image? That of "bullied" ajusshis and fanboys.



    DC fan blog

    Much thanks to Bento_Box for the collab and a big shoutout to our STAND family who also contributed to this article:
    Jung Lee

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    Right now... it's War Crime Shi Dae

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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by invisiblestar on Tue 01 Jun 2010, 10:38 pm

    Amazing article! I love you
    But really, Sones are hypocrites. They really need to get off their high pink pony and stop playing the victim card. Sones are like, "Oh, we're victims, we've never done anything wrong!", yet they're going and bashing ELFs left and right online! Yes, ELFs did make mistakes as well, and they've apologized and owned up to them, which I must respect. However, Sones are so self-righteous, thinking they're innocent and whatnot when they're the ones who are dishing out the harsh words and (possible) violence the most! I can't believe them...
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by disturbed on Tue 01 Jun 2010, 11:34 pm

    Awesomely written. I'm just appalled at how SONE still think that they're the sole victims of DC10 when they were the ones who started the conflict. If they only stuck to their pre-assigned seats and minded their own business -slash- cheered for their own idols, they could've prevented any more fan wars or lessened the Black Ocean to a Black Lake or something.

    I feel so sorry for the K-ELFs and SJ. They don't deserve this bs.
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by red_butterfly on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 4:40 am

    aigoo........K-Sones need to grow the ---- up. They're behaving in the exact same way that a three year old does when they take a cookie..."I didn't take it...my imaginary friend, bobby, took it" >n<
    this is really frustrating. SMTown is seriously having some "family issues" that need to be resolved......I applaud ELF for taking the first step and being mature about the whole thing. They take responsibility for their actions and I respect that. They are still pointing fingers at Sone, but that is to be expected because Sone did cause so many of the problems to begin with.
    I don't want to seem racist/sexist or anything, but I am wondering if it is due to the Korean/Neo-Confucian way of thinking that these fanboys feel that they are superior to the fangirls and thus whatever they say is true while w/e ELF and other say is false, etc....Sones, as we know, are primarily Older males, which, in the Confucian system, demands a lot of respect....this is all mere speculation of course, I apologize profusely if I offended anyone......
    but yeah, I really wish Sone fanboys could just BE A MAN and own up to their mistakes, apologize, and ensure that it doesn't happen again in the future.....even if I don't like Sone/SNSD...my respect for them would increase if they just apologized for causing this mess/their involvment with the events of DC10.
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by dBsK_luv on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 5:09 am

    Fantastic article <3
    I really applaud ELFs for taking the first step in apologizing, when it was all clearly Sones fault to begin with. Belittling SJ and causing chaos, how immature.
    How blind can Sones get? If you made a mistake, you apologize on behave of everyone. Seriously, why play the victim?
    Whether or not people were hurt during the day, i don't no.
    Sones greed and arrogance chows how naive and child-like they are. Have they seem to forget that DC is a charity event? Have they forgot that DC is a time to cheer on your favorite Group, regardless to where u sit?
    Why complain? Some groups didn't even get proper seats.
    Sones think so high and mighty of themselves, and who is there to control them? Their Head Sone? SME? Well it's certainly not SNSD.
    ELFs even took so much effort is their mission "SJ=SJ", only having to move it because of Sones.

    Sighhh~ Sones should let go of their pride and just formally apologize. So much for SuperGeneration.
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by daesungvip on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 6:48 am

    Love the article :) <3
    Sones need to step up their game and grow up. Gawd, they're such brats, they really need to point out their OWN mistakes for once.
    What? Are they jealous that ELF has a much stronger fanclub than they do? Is that why they try to disrupt everything ELF tries to do for SJ? Much to shifting SJ=SJ over? -0-" I think that had to be the most frustrating thing for ELFs.
    Their so called "family" Sones, don't care about anything other than SNSD, and like idols, like fans right? Anything that happens, we pin the blame on the elders!

    Grow the hell up.
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by rawrxpanda on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 7:41 am

    Sones frustrate the heck out of me, i'm glad ELF is so much more mature than they are
    Sones are always trying to play the innocent ones, they need to grow up and accept their faults,
    i hope the Sones will stop spamming their sites with nonsense & apologize
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by Miri on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 7:46 am

    Amazing article. Every word is true. I really have nothing to comment that wasn't said here!
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by queenbqty on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 10:07 am

    Excellent Article! I'm not surprised at anything sones do, because they have shown themselves time and time again, to be immature, cowardly, foul-mouthed and delusional wanna be thugs. It was very gracious and laudable that ELF apologised for their minor wrongs in this whole issue, but in my opinion, they owe sones nothing, not even the apology given. All this confusion and fighting was started by SONES, and they continue to show themselves as the arrogant retarded idiots they always were. BUT ULTIMATELY THE FAULT IS WITH SM ENT. AND SNSD.

    Once this seat stealing plan was disclosed, sm ent. should have communicated with the sones as to why the seats were allocated as they were, and advised the sones not to interfere with it. snsd should have also issued a statement telling the sones to respect their senior group and their fanclub and admit that Elf is the bigger fanclub and that's why they got so many sections.

    But of course, sm ent. and snsd are sitting back silently watching the sones act like lunatics, even though the actions of sones just increased the hatred towards their beloved snsd, resulting in "silent treatments" and "black oceans".

    sm ent. doesn't care because they just continue to rake in the money from the faithful Elfs and the nutty sones and snsd doesn't care because they can continue to be the bimbotic "fame whores", who don't care whether its good hype or bad hype as long as their plastic faces can stay all over the public radar.

    Elf should just boycott sm ent., it would hurt SuJu, but it seems they are being systematically destroyed anyway, just like sm ent. destroyed DBSK. Most of the money is going to sm ent. anyway, why keep making those old dogs rich?

    sm ent. created snsd and because of their marketing and image, there became sones. So all this bullying and fanwars and violence and disrespect and hatred are the ultimate fault of sm ent. who is pulling in major figures while the fans are tearing each other apart and the artists get peanuts.

    sm ent. should be disbanded!

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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by elfandwonderful on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 11:59 am

    Wow! Wonderfully written.

    Have you guys relaised the amount of anti fans in kpop have grown bigger since the debut of Snsd? Any once noticed that Dream concert was a dream before sones came in?? Just a thought!

    I feel like posting this in sj-world to show some of the the sonelfs how their fanclub isn't the best!

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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by StupidSonesSux on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 3:02 pm

    When it come to big fights like this, both sides will say they are the victims. BUT! I think ELFs really did become the better person cuz they actually apologized in their response while Sones response was just fill with accusation and how Sones were victimized. I think both of the FCs are victims of each other actions. ELFs got their seats taken as well as Sones lost their seats in the LMNP section. But it is wrong doing of Sones who are spamming Suju cafe of hateful comments. They are not being the better ones.
    After DC 2010 happened, many people including Sones said that they are no long the bad behaved club but look at what they are doing now? The seating thing was a messed up of SM but Sones who said it was free seating was contradicting themselves. They said it is free seating BUT THEY COMPLAINED ABOUT HOW THEY DON'T HAVE MUCH SEATS IN THEIR SECTION. You guys could just move over to Kara section or something since they are next to you. If it was free seating then you could just seat anywhere, WHY MAKE BANNERS THAT SAID TO TAKE ELFs SEAT?


    To be hones though,...I think it was funny for ELFs to call Sones an "OIL SPILL ON THEIR SAPPHIRE OCEAN"
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by ambertralala on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 5:45 pm

    Sones aren't going to apologize because they think ELF should first. OK in all honestly I think Sones are the reason for why fan clubs are so hostile towards each other.
    Either way the Black Ocean wins
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by Mecana on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 6:46 pm

    [b]I'm so proud of ELFs for admitting their mistakes and taking the blame where it is needed. The accusations sones make that they were victimized by ELFs are ridiculous they have yet to come up with proof to back up claims, and I will refuse to believe anything until I have seen some sort of proof. Where are the facts, evidence and witnesses.
    Sones think they can fool people with 'I'm so innocent, ELFs plan everything' story. this recent black ocean was unplanned, none of FCs came there with the plan of having a black ocean and if they did ELF was surely not the main 'conspirator'.
    I like the fact that there was another black ocean just for SNSD, maybe all the FCs and media will start protesting against SNSD and sones. this will certainly be the final puzzle piece to SNSD disbandment. I can't wait for that day Razz
    By the way Wonderful Article I love you
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by E.L.F. on Thu 03 Jun 2010, 3:04 am

    This opened my eyes more !!
    I loved the whole "SJ=SJ" thing..
    But I didn't realize that it was moved.

    But I have to admit.
    I saw a fancam of ELF and 2 SONES.
    in the LMNP sec. they cooperated with ELF.
    The fancam was short so I only saw 2 ~~.

    ELF will do everything for SJ.
    Even take the blame for
    something they didn't do.
    Just to protect SJ.

    The physical abuse thing is..
    much worst than the..
    "Black Ocean."


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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by F-SNSD on Thu 03 Jun 2010, 7:51 am

    This article is aweome ! :D
    Im very touched that how elfs apologize though they are not at fault to protect super junior, ELFs fighting ! :D
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by Chains Of Fantasia on Thu 03 Jun 2010, 7:59 am

    A very well-written article.

    Hmmm...that Name removed guy from YouTube must've read this or maybe he will.And then he's gonna question about how credible the sources for this article are and he's gonna go on another rage on ELF.Then he's gonna find more and more 'unbiased' article as proof of Sones' innocence and how guilty ELFs are.

    I'm proud to be an ELF.
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by Proud Diadem on Thu 03 Jun 2010, 11:01 am

    Great article~♥

    tsk tsk tsk,sones.... I don't know what to say about this. Everything has been said. You sones never,ever,ever fail to amaze me with your levels of butthurt and denial. and LOL Emily so true. He already sent me a naver article. *rolls eyes*
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by antisnsd4lyfe on Thu 03 Jun 2010, 2:57 pm

    Right now,im proud to be an E.L.F.^.^ I happy that we're more mature than sones.Its sad that sones can be so boostful about themselves and not pointing out their wrongdoings.I agree with elfandwonderful,maybe if we post this on SJ World,maybe some of those girls would see the truth about their second fanclub,and not what they want to believe about them.I feel so bad for K-E.L.F.They cheered for those plastics and what did they get in return.....they walk out.Sones will always be Rude,disrespectful,and bullies to other FC's.And once again Im proud to be an E.L.F. Sapphire Blue Forever! (Cassies and Red Ocean too!)
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by Lightning_Kei on Sat 05 Jun 2010, 1:48 am

    What bugs me is how Sones act as if they're innocent and they're the victims.
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by Gemeinai on Sat 05 Jun 2010, 3:20 am

    Sones are the aggressors but pretend to be the victims. Sones and snsd are getting what they asking for whether directly or indirectly. sones are attacking like paranoid people because they cant accept the antiness. they are just making everything worse but they seem to enjoy what they are doing whether they admit or not.

    i think this is why sones attacked CASSIES who went to show their support for TVXQ (and those whom they approve of) after DC2010 ended

    100522 DBSK's Cassiopeia at Dream Concert 2010
    <object width="500" height="405"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/e2fajNGlY_E&hl=en_US&fs=1&color1=0x5d1719&color2=0xcd311b&border=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/e2fajNGlY_E&hl=en_US&fs=1&color1=0x5d1719&color2=0xcd311b&border=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="500" height="405"></embed></object>
    the chanting/singing began before the concert started

    This is why CASSIOPEIA is known to be the most powerful of the Big 3.

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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by black_ocean on Sat 05 Jun 2010, 6:32 am

    what a long and very amazing article!
    what i regret is that ELF apologise to sone for what they haven't done any wrongdoings. it was sone who took ELF seats, and they even didn't corporate.
    sones only defend themselves. i agree with "sones are desperately hiding something so they attack fansites"
    they act arrogant, blaming their fault on others. and not admit their own faults.
    they say sones are always right while ELF proof are all wrong just because they are SCARED OF THE TRUTH.
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by chocopielove on Sat 05 Jun 2010, 8:59 am

    *clap clap clap*
    Nice article =)

    I hate it how Insanes in their process to support their shitty band needs to harm other FCs in the process.

    Even after their DC08 boycott they still insist that they are the best and that Soshit is at the top of the world.

    I hate it how they rampage on Sj homesite. Screw them, if they want to express how they feel make your own blog and talk there!

    Leave other people freakin' ALONE!

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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by supermantha on Sat 05 Jun 2010, 11:35 pm

    i seriously hate sones, theyre so immature and gay!
    ELF and cass are the most loyal fanclubs that ever existed.
    EFL + SUJU fighting! :D :D
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by sj4ever on Tue 08 Jun 2010, 8:41 pm

    awsome article ^^
    k-sones... are just too much
    and it's funny how elf apology alot in their msg
    and i didn't see one word sorry in sones msg
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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by antigolfasgeneration on Wed 09 Jun 2010, 6:27 am

    First of all I want to thank inSONEs for gaining more antis and another Black Ocean for their dear plastics.
    Razz Razz Razz
    LOL. No.
    I was joking/being ironic about I want to ‘thank them’ although it is true that they are achieving all that.
    It’s funny-sad how they always managed so successfully to gain more and more hatred to snsd and to themselves.
    Clap clap, delusion-fools, way to go!

    Wow, it seems all sone (Korean and international) have much free time to keep spamming / harassing / stalking all SuJu forums and so… Right?
    Don’t these people have school / work, whatever???
    Well… If you have ALL THAT TIME in your hands, really why don’t you do something USEFUL with it?
    Please insones (a call to all insones) do something useful with all that time you have in your hands, will you?
    Like taking some Ethics lessons, manner lessons, Korean classes (all the international delusionals) or maybe some reading classes… comprehension reading lessons for you can really comprehend when someone says in his/her video: “NO SONES, DON’T COMMENT if you are a sone”… for example…

    Why, WHY can’t you see, insanes, that with every spam, with every lame comment, with every insult, with every threat, with every stupid remark, with every racist comment, with every statement you do all you are doing is bringing more antis and more hatred to your precious soshit and to yourselves?????????

    I very much agree with all queenbqty said. I also think ELF don’t owe ANYTHING to insanes, but in the other hand I’m glad they did that statement /apology, like mature respectable people.

    All this issue is very infuriating and frustrating. It is really sad it became as I said: they have the guts to attack, to provoke, etc. but they DON’T have the guts to face / accept the consequences.
    All you are getting is what you did sow!!!
    This is the fruit of your doings, the harvest for what you have beeing sowing since the beginning.
    All that is happening is the consequences of your acts, insanes, why can’t you see it???
    Accept the damn consequences of you damn acts!!!!!!!

    I really dislike people who are not able to apologize, not able to recognize their own mistakes and their own faults. I despise that kind of people.

    And they even DEMAND an apology??? That's not only being brainless and insane: that is not having any shame at all.
    Brainless and shameless.

    I am waiting too for their “evidence” and I’m still waiting for that SONE fan cams showing ALL THE OTHER FANCLUBS cheering for snsd. All the other FC with lights on, cheering and chanting for snsd. Where are they?

    Oh and I couldn’t see this fancam about Black Ocean 2010 (but thankfully I’d see several videos from it some days before).
    It says: “this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by SBSi”.
    Since when FANCAMS are property of SBS??? Or property or whoever?
    Insanes are SO DESPERATE to cover it up… to keep in denial, to keep deceiving people saying Black Ocean never happened and how loved and wanted are the 9 slutty clones.

    Oh, And we also can see how ‘useful’ was that little stupid message from that good-for-nothing Yoonarg.
    There is NO such thing as “sm family” since they debuted.
    And now what are they doing? Nothing, as always. I bet the next ‘message from them’ or one of them, will be something like: “the cheering and the seat-stealing were great, you are great, keep on!”
    "Thank you for writing that statement. We always deserve that others apologize to us, no matter if we always are the offenders"

    And what is doing sment?

    Snsd deserves a Black Ocean/silent treatment not only in Dream Concert but in every event they participate.

    So now what happen with the “beautiful” Bratz dolls? Are they and their company are going to ignore all the negative events, and act as if nothing happened?
    Black Ocean 2010 never happened?
    And will continue doing lame comebacks and selling them damn everywhere?
    Or are they going to hiatus?
    I’m really curious about what is going to happen next with the clones.

    What I am really hoping, what I would like so much to happen is that from now on, all fanclubs get together against snsd, and all the people in Korea (I’m talking all the people, not only kpop related ones) start to showing more and more and more their dislike for shitde and all the deceived people that blindly believe they are loved and all that, begin to wake up, to open their eyes, and stop accepting all the lies and stuff.
    Let Black Ocean 2010 be one important step to their disbandment.
    Let Black Ocean 2010 nears us to that marvelous moment.

    Thank you for another *excellent* article. The waiting for this Part 2 was very worth it.

    I REALY HOPE that snsd gets more and more Black Oceans/silent treatment / protests from now on. I really hope they get all that they deserve.

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    Re: Dream Concert 2010 (The Aftermath) PART 2

    Post by Sponsored content

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